Welcome to Wavetable Technologies!

This site is for listening to and purchasing original compositions by Roy Heflin.

Additionally I am available for composing music for your projects and soundtracks.

Some of the instruments I use are:

  • Parker Fly Guitar
  • Fender Chroma, Yamaha S80, Yamaha DX7 Synthesizers
  • Ibanez AGB200 Hollowbody Bass Guitar
  • Epiphone SG, Charvel Surfcaster Electric Guitars
  • Ovation Celebrity Electric-Accoustic, Fender Accoustic Guitars


New CD Release!!   Slinky

Below are full length compositions that are available for purchase.
Enjoy samples of each before you buy.

12 Tone Fugue

Giant Island

This Needs A Name




Puffer Fish


Yet Another Part of the Ideal State of Mind

Music For Animation

Interplanetary Discussion Groops



Sonata for the Ages

16 Tons

Instant Access

Sonata for the Ages


Get slinky

All compositions are Copyrighted by Roy Heflin and my be utilized for personal use when purchased. Please contact Roy regarding commericial use.

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A Variety of Sound Samples

Here are some short excerpts from my compositions that display my versatility.

Alien Dance

Guitar and drum shuffle, from Giant Island

12 Tone Bolero

Excerpt from Bolero Roy

Guitar Distort

Excerpt from Puffer Fish

Inverted Fugue

Excerpt from 12 Tone Fugue

Lush Synth Strings

Excerpt from Progress

Piano Synth Wash

Excerpt from Giant Island


Excerpt from Bolero Roy

Bow Solo

Excerpt from Endurance

About Me

I built my first systhesizer from a kit in 1968. A few years afterwards I became familiar with the ARP 2600 Synth and then FM synth techniques.

The influences of composers before me range from the Classical Masters such as Hayden, Bach, and Brahms to the works of Arnold Schoenberg in the 1920's.

I was exposed to performances by Frank Zappa and was made aware of progressive music recording techniques as these evolved to this day.

I seek to compose music that will entertain the listeners. This website contains access to these Digital recordings.


I am available for any compositions you may need, or questions you may have regarding my recordings, instruments, or techniques.

You can contact me at RoyHeflinNine @ gmail.com